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Trauma-Informed Yoga
& Self-Expression:
6-Week Group Workshop Series

Do you struggle to stay present in your life because of the impacts of trauma?

Maybe you experience symptoms like anxiety, depression, overwhelm, dissociation, or addiction but can’t pinpoint a major trauma?


Healing is possible.

Awaken Your Inner Healer

Trauma-Informed Yoga & Self-Expression 6-Week Group Workshop Series


“Every human being has a true, genuine, authentic self. Trauma is the disconnection from it, and healing is the reconnection to it.”

 – Dr. Gabor Maté

Neuro-Embodied Self TM is an approach to emotional trauma recovery that blends the cognitive and somatic by incorporating self-expression and yoga with the safety of a group we co-create to help people access healing from within so they can break through anxiety, depression, dissociation, and other complex trauma symptoms, to feel safe, present, and empowered in their lives.

Intro to Trauma Informed Yoga:

March 17 | 2-4PM | $35
All who register and attend “Intro to Trauma-Informed Yoga” are eligible to join the upcoming 6-week workshop series for $300 (a $75 discount!)

6-Week Group Workshop Series:

$325 Early Bird Rate
$375 Per Person after Fe
b. 20


New Series Dates:

Session 1: March 24 - Intention + Safety
Session 2: April 14 - Awaken the Witness
Session 3: April 28 - Equanimity + Self-Compassion
Session 4: May 5 - Embodiment as Empowerment
Session 5: May 26 - Creativity + Brain-Body Integration 
Session 6: June 23 - Opening, Acceptance + Commitment
Makeup Day: July 7 - In Case of Absence

For more information and to register, click the button below:

I’m Jamie Stanish (she/her)

As a registered yoga teacher trained in multiple traditions and recovery modalities, I specialize in trauma-informed yoga and self-expression at Good Karma. I found a window into healing I was looking for from my own trauma within the supportive space of my yoga mat, which ignited a passion to help others find the kind of inner transformation I have experienced. I continue to deepen my knowledge and practice through a trauma-informed lens.

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