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Yoga Practice Disclaimer:

This disclaimer covers any yoga classes that you have with Good Karma Yoga & it’s instructors.
By your Membership purchase, you acknowledge that there are risks involved in any and all yoga practices.
You are entering into this participation with the joint effort of instructor(s) and client to create a safe environment where health and wellness are pursued.

Health and Medical Conditions:

You will acknowledge that you will disclose any and all medical conditions that may be relevant and is necessary to be known by your Yoga Instructor that may impact the method and the way that the Yoga is implemented.

You acknowledge that you are in a good health and as far as you are aware that you are able to participate in yoga and that you are doing so voluntarily and understand that there are some risks involved in any and all forms of exercise. Even though exercise may be therapeutic in nature.

You acknowledge that if you are under a Doctor’s care for any physical condition you will consult with your doctor for approval in performing the exercise that is given to you as a home practice by your yoga therapist.
Additionally, you must make your instructor aware of any conditions that may change during the classes that may affect you.

Although the best effort is being made to produce a healing and wellness effect, it is understood that there are no guarantees that a perfect resolution will be achieved.

Your Yoga instructor will work toward freeing you of pain and building and strengthening those areas that are needed to improve your well being and health. He / She will also work with any other issues that you feel that you need help with provided they are within their scope of knowledge and expertise.

By purchasing your membership, you relinquish all liability claims against Good Karma Yoga LLC and it’s instructors, as an individual or any company affiliated with Raina Greening and Blaine Murray.

By purchasing your membership, you attest that you have read and understood this thoroughly and agree to the terms of this disclaimer.

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